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5 Tips for Planning a Big Business Event


The big day might be creeping closer and closer. Don’t wait until last minute to take steps to plan your big event.

There are a number of factors to consider when planning big events and parties and you should always take preventative measures to avoid disaster. Here are five easy and simple tips to follow for planning a big event.

Consider Hiring an Event Coordinator

If this is your first time planning a big event or party, it is important to consider hiring an event coordinator or a company that rents lounge furniture, although it is not necessary.

Hiring an event coordinator just once allows you to watch the way they work and how they work and you can learn from their experience. This will give you a huge advantage the next time you plan a big event and you’ll know your way around.

Keep It Simple

Even though it is a big event, avoid dreaming up crazy ideas and attempting to implement the impossible. The most successful events are simple and don’t lose focus around the main idea.

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Sit down and write out everything you want to add to your big event and then go back through each idea and ask yourself if it is related to the main event or if it’s necessary.

If you spend too much time trying to plan out the impossible, you will find yourself spending extra time going back and fixing your mistakes or coming up with improvised plan B’s. Don’t be afraid to get creative, just make sure the ideas are logical and practical.

Ask Friends For Feedback

If you are unsure about certain features of the event you are planning, sit down with a counsel of your friends and family and ask them for feedback. This will give you a different perspective and insights on the big event.

Your friends may also comment on concerns, allowing you to work on event problem solving and solutions. Your friends may also bring up ideas you might not have even thought of or considered. This feedback is valuable and can contribute to a successful event or party as it was built on a team effort.

Communication, Communication, Communication

Whether it’s communication among vendors, caterers, servers, and industry guests, you should never assume anyone is a mindreader. Always communicate between all parties participating within the big event.

Establish several forms of communication with everyone using digital tools like email, Google docs, instant group messaging, and text messages. Let all departments know that if they ever have concerns or questions, they should come to you first rather than go behind your back and speak to other department leaders.

If you find yourself constantly answering the same questions over and over, then set up an FAQ page departments can consult with.

Organize For Everyone

When you implementing organization methods for the event, make sure you organize in a way that everyone will understand. Don’t just organize for yourself and create a confusing schedule grid or spreadsheet none of the vendors or departments can read.

Keep it simple and pick methods that are universally understood. Post scheduling on Google docs and make sure they can be read clearly.

Miscommunication and misunderstanding spell for disaster when it comes to big events and parties. Communicate with all departments and ask if they understand how components of the event are being organized.

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