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Interior Design Ideas of Luxury Living Rooms

luxury living room

When you hire an interior designer to help you create a luxury living room, you might be curious about what to expect.

Unlike traditional interior designers that work with architects and lean toward commercial work, a professional that designs luxury homes is keeping track of trends you mcustom lightight not be aware of.

On top of learning about home features that are part of the space age, a luxury interior designer knows that elegant homes should also be organic.


This means that your living room looks like a million bucks, but it is a space you enjoy for its aesthetic appeal as well as comfortability.

How luxury living rooms are traditionally created

One of the overarching ideas that you will hear discussed by any interior designer is choosing a theme that is important to the family.

For example, this might include placing a special emphasis on an heirloom family portrait or a collection of antique furniture that is having trouble finding a place. Other homeowners will want the room to have a function such as being a reception area for the children and their friends.

In other words, luxury might be the main focus of the materials, but the drive behind the design will be how the room is intended to be used.

Decorating around function in luxury homes

Having an interior designer on your side means that you know someone that can provide a lot of unique solutions.

home lighting

For instance, a family that has messy children might not want to use antiques as furniture, and are desperately seeking the most fashionable, high-endurance materials.

In this scenario, a couch might be custom-designed in the latest trends, but the fabric is easy-care and can be wiped clean with soapy water. Other homeowners might need their living room to function in a way that preserves their expensive memorabilia collections.

For these circumstances, luxury detailing might mean installing windows and lighting that will not fade antique fabrics or paintings.

Traditional luxury living room palettes

When families have a difficult time thinking of ideas for their next luxury living room makeover, interior designers will often show pictures of classics that have won the test of time. One example includes white walls with silver mirrors, a dark grey ceiling to accentuate custom light furniture, and white couches.

In another combination, the walls are light blue and the ceiling is white. The overall look is contemporary or modern with few organic pieces such as raw wood or driftwood alongside earthy decorations.

A look that goes in a completely different direction makes a highly decorated window the focus of the room. For instance, ornate stained glass is installed with a window seat and drapery.

How technology subtly sets a luxury living room apart

One of the latest trends for any interior designer is offering homeowners a chance to have their technology hooked up to a central home automation system.

This has been termed as a “smart home,” but hooking your lighting, remote control for your home theater and thermostat up to an app or central system are not the endpoints for luxury living. In addition to the basics, the luxury smart home features include self-shading windows, heated floors and automatic interior doorways.

For technology fans, the latest smart home devices can be easily incorporated into customized cabinetry or other furniture when the right interior designer is consulted.

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