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Key Benefits of Mobility in Warehousing and Distribution

warehousing distribution

As today’s technology continues to advance, more and more people are expecting faster delivery, along with more efficient processes and higher quality products overall.

Mobile devices and applications in particular have integrated themselves in many different areas, including warehousing & distribution.

Companies that adopt mobility in their warehousing distribution warehouses will likely see at least one or more of the following benefits.

Real-Time Monitoring Capabilities

With the aid of mobility in your operations, you won’t need to remain stuck at a desk when monitoring your inventory.

You can easily monitor all of your processes and products at any point, from anywhere, whether you’re located on the factory floor or away from the facility entirely.

warehousing distribution

You can also monitor employees’ performance from any location to optimize your workforce.

Make Decisions in Real Time

By adopting mobility, you’ll also benefit from being able to see reports instantly rather than waiting for days or weeks for reports to show up. This enables you to see issues as they arise and address them accordingly with the right solution.

Keep Employees Healthier and Safer

Certain warehouses may have specific restrictions due to refrigeration temperatures that employees need to keep track of, including time limits and types of movement within the space.

You can avoid health and safety issues through mobile tracking alerts that tell employees how much time they’ve spent in restricted areas to help ensure compliance.

Increased Productivity

USing systems such as seamless cross-docking, cycle counting of stock, and real-time Proof of Delivery (POD) can offer accurate insight into all of your warehousing and distribution operations, which in turn can help increase labor productivity to maintain consistency.

Get the Most Out of Your Dock Station

Mobility also allows for real-time management through synchronized dock slot data.

Reduce Costs

While it’s already affordable to implement mobility in your supply chains, it’s likely considerably cheaper than the current system that you’re using. With mobility in place, you’ll be able to lower the total cost of ownership while at the same time increasing your ROI through more efficient operations.

Monitoring of Replenishment

Benefit from improved order fulfillment, elimination of out-of-stock issues, and returns management with the help of automated processing, and increased driver productivity that leaves your customers more satisfied overall.

Improved Engagement

People generally respond well to mobile technology that improves upon their own lives, giving them the ability to do nearly anything with the push of a button. Subsequently, implementing mobility in your workforce will likely increase employee engagement.

With all of these and other benefits, you can benefit greatly from using mobility in your warehousing and distribution operations.

You’ll be able to increase both efficiency and speed, optimize asset utilization, make your operations more energy-efficient, and more, enabling you to get the most out of your operations from start to finish.

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